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Orient Ocean

Truffle Mama Mentai

Truffle Mama Mentai

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After months of R&D, we've finally perfected this extremely addictive Truffle Mentaiko sauce (with our partner Aroma Truffle)! Enjoy the taste of our secret recipe Mentaiko sauce combined with 100% REAL Black Truffles - flavours that will delight your taste buds! Ultra versatile-- goes great with everything and made fresh weekly in small batches, grab yours now!

Weight: 390g 

Expiry: 2 months, refer to the date of production on your bottle! Please keep refrigerated, do NOT freeze.

Ingredients: Mentaiko, truffle, vegetable oil, eggs, apple vinegar, malt vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, soybeans 

P/S: Best consumed raw or blow-torched. Heating sauce for prolonged period will cause the truffle scent and flavour to dissipate. Pregnant ladies, please heat up the sauce before consumption as it contains raw eggs. 

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