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Orient Ocean

New Zealand King Salmon (Mix of Portion & Tail)

New Zealand King Salmon (Mix of Portion & Tail)

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The most incredibly luscious salmon we have ever tasted. This Top Grade New Zealand King Salmon is a heaven of buttery mouthfuls jam packed with healthy natural Omega-3 oil that melts in your mouth. Its delicate, buttery texture and beautiful marbled flesh makes it truly extraordinary. Comes in a mix of portion / tail cuts. 

Weight: ±150g (Comes individually vacuum packed)

Shelf life: 5 Months (Please store in freezer)

*Deboned by hand before packing, do still exercise caution especially when feeding the young and elderly as there may still be some bones present*

Cooking Suggestions:

1. Air Fry (Recommended)

Thaw 1 salmon fillet, season with salt and pepper, air fry for 12-15 mins at 180 degrees. Enjoy!

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