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Orient Ocean

Premium South African Abalone

Premium South African Abalone

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5 pieces of superior quality natural and pure whole abalone canned in brine. Cooked and ready to eat, with no preservatives, no chemicals and no hormones. Just pure abalone, water and salt. Taste the difference yourself! Gift it to your loved ones or enjoy it with hotpots or cold dishes!

Our abalone is cultivated in close harmony with nature, at the southernmost tip of Africa. The pristine cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean provide the necessary nutrients and environment for the production of the highest quality abalone. Our hatchery is in Hermanus, South Africa, and is a state-of-the-art abalone canning and processing facility. 

Each can comes with a Friend of The Sea seal, which is the only certification scheme that assures our customers that our abalone originates from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.  

Net Weight: 400g
Drained Weight: 120g
Shelf Life: 5 years

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