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Orient Ocean

Super Seafood Sauce

Super Seafood Sauce

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Get ready to whet your appetite with our most tantalizing sauce to date! Honed from months of trials (with our partner Soi Thai Soi Nice), we've finally perfected this ultra appetizing and zesty Thai sauce! Spicy, sour, sweet and salty-- best with any kind of seafood you can think of! Prawns, crabs, lobsters, even crabsticks and fish will be enhanced infinitely with this sauce! Made in small batches and only with the freshest ingredients and 0 preservatives so please keep this chilled!

Weight: 440g
Shelf life: 2 months (Please keep refrigerated, do NOT freeze)

Ingredients: Green chili, green chili padi, fish sauce, garlic, lime juice, palm sugar, coriander, chicken powder, salt


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